Dear visitor, this is a chronological display of works and projects that I created or worked on in various functions. I am happy if you take a look – don’t hesitate to ask for links or further information on any of the projects.



SHAHID is the Debut Film of Narges Kalhor in which the main Character ‚Narges’ is persecuted by a group of Mullahs throughout the film. The uncanny men, that also represent ‚Narges’ past, roots and Iranian tradition have their own way of moving and dance. Together with the other performers I created the movement material to then choreograph the scenes in close cooperation with the director Narges and the cameraman Felix Pflieger

Fiction, 90 min

Michael Kalb Filmproduktion, ZDF Das kleine Fernsehspiel

Director Narges Kalhor
Camera Felix Flieger
Production Michael Kalb
Perfomers Alon Bracha, Zuki Izak Ringart, Roman Singh, Ludger Lamers, Nina Wesemann

Alex in den Feldern

A young stranger appears at a farm in southern Germany. Alex is looking for company and eager to find it in Adrian, a quiet boy that lives and works on the farm to overcome his drug addiction. At first, the companionship seems to be auspicious for the two outsiders until Alex starts testing his new position. The film was shot with amateur and professional actors in the setting of a therapeutic farm run by a family.

The film won the best german short film award 2023.

Short Fiction Film, 30 min,

Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München

Director Marie Zrenner
Producer Johanna Seggelke
Camera Nina Wesemann
Sound Leo Van Kaan
Main Cast Ivan Dubrovin, Marten Quirin Korte
Script Marie Zrenner, Leo Van Kann

Gesichter einer Ausstellung

Along with Simon Reichel, co-director and producer we created a short documentary about an initiative called Pop-Up Institut. On their pilot project the Pop-Up Institute brought together artists with and without schizophrenic experience to work together through the timespan of a year. The art created in collective meetings and through exchanging experience around schizophrenia was exhibited in June 2022 aiming to reduce stigma towards psychological diseases within our society.

Documentary, 30 min

together with Pop-Up Institut, Alanus Hochschule und Volkswagen Stiftung

Director, Camera Nina Wesemann
Director, Production Simon Reichel
Edit Urte Alf


For my graduation at HFF Munich I created a feature-length documentary about four 10-year-old children living in Berlin. I worked as a one-person-team, observing and accompanying my protagonists for 9 months. Strolling through the city with them, we experienced their freedom as well as their first signs of rebellion. The film dips into the last days of childhood, into a “Paradise Lost” nobody can save or lose. The film premiered at Berlinale/ Generation in 2019 and toured at several other festivals afterwards.

Feature Documentary Film, 79 minutes
HFF München, Leykauf Film

Director, Camera Nina Wesemann
Edit Ulrike Tortora
Production Nicole Leykauf
Music Pierce Black, Max Walter
Dramaturgy Ella Cieslinski


A photo camera, a person, a projection. Any possible relationship to be discovered and explored while individual rhythms are at work and hearable. Raising, slowing down, sometimes going alongside, sometimes missing each other. Who is in control and how many eyes are looking? When do stills become movement and can a body ever be still? The work is an exploration of image making, the quality of perspectives and the question of how do we perceive and remember movement. It was created as a graduation work for HZT Berlin and first schown on 13th of September 2022 in Ufer Studios Berlin.

Dance Performance, 30 min

created at HZT Berlin


During the winter of 2019/20 I spent four months in the central arctic on the German icebreaker Polarstern. My colleague Lars Barthel and I were sent by UFA Show & Factual to shoot documentary footage during leg II of the one-year-long scientific expedition MOSAiC. Polarstern was frozen into the ice, drifting across the north pole and accommodating 50 international scientists and 50 crew members. Being part of the journey during polar night we didn’t see any daylight until the very last week at the beginning of March when a Russian exchange icebreaker arrived and we eventually set sail home. It is still difficult to find words to describe the experience. UFA Show & Factual produced several films about the entire expedition that were broadcasted on German national television and other TV channels.

Feature Documentary Film, 90 min

UFA Show & Factual

Leg II Camera Lars Barthel
Leg II Sound, Assistance Camera Nina Wesemann
Director Philipp Grieß


Together with my long-time collaborator Felicitas Sonvilla I created and realized a documentary series of six episodes about masculinity. The series attempts to inspire an open discussion of this sensitive but universal topic in everyday life. It’s about asking questions and crossing barriers that often keep us from finding answers. We interviewed 30 young men in Berlin, resulting in honest, fearless and sometimes humorous dialogues. After each interview we asked our protagonists to choose a song and dance for the camera.

Documentary Series, 6 x 15 min
ZDF (Das kleine Fernsehspiel)

Director, Camera, Edit Felicitas Sonvilla & Nina Wesemann
Music Silvius Sonvilla
Edit Ella Cieslinski
Camera Laura Ettel
Producer Linda Hartogs
Set Design Carlo Siegfried
Title Design Paul Putzar
Production Horse & Fruits


‘Die Bairishe Geisha’ is a theatre collective consisting of Judith Huber and Eva Löbau. For the play celebrating their 20th anniversary I created four short films that were sent to the audience prior to the performances. In the play and films we dealt with their history as a collective and focused on the meanings of ghosts and fortunes within creative processes. The films also retell the story of the well-known Japanese Saga THE BALLAD OF THE NARAYAMA by Shichiso Fukazawa, which deals with the tradition of a mountain village where the elderly take on a burdensome one-way-journey up a mountain of the region – the Narayama.

Shortfilms for a Theatre Production, 4 x 5 min
Die Bairishe Geisha

Performance Judith Huber, Eva Löbau
Concept, Camera, Director Nina Wesemann
Edit Laura Kansy
Producer Martina Neu
Stage Markus Grob
Costume Detlev Diehm

PETER HANDKE - Bin im Wald. Kann sein, dass ich mich verspäte

This documentary on the Nobel prize-winning author Peter Handke was my first feature work as a camera person. I spent about 20 days filming with Handke in Paris, Frankfurt and Serbia. The film premiered at Locarno Film Festival in 2016. It shows Mr. Handke as a young man and accompanies him in his daily life today, always devoted to language, posing questions such as: Where are we now? And, to quote one of his early films: How to live?

Feature-length Documentary, 90 min

zero one film

Director Corinna Belz
Producer Thomas Kufus
DOP Nina Wesemann
Axel Schneppat
Piotr Rosolowski
Editor Stephan Krumbiegel
Sound Andreas Hildebrandt


CREATURE is a 30-minute dance film featuring performances of the Ben J. Riepe Company orchestrated in the Wuppertaler Schauspielhaus. The performers and their movements were set in correlation to the architecture of the house while remembering voices of Pina Bausch’s dancers set the theme for questions such as: How to deal with memories, legacy and decay during a pandemic where the future is not tangible and culture, movement and touch aren’t feasible? “Often we remember because we have lost something” says one of the dancers in the beginning. The film was realized for the Tanzfestival NRW in cooperation with the Tanztheater Wuppertal.

Dance Film, 30 minutes
Ben J. Riepe Company

Artistic Director, Concept, Choreography Ben J. Riepe
Concept, Camera, Edit Nina Wesemann
Camera Assistent Linda Schefferski
Sound Design Max Walter
Color Grading David Wesemann


Between 2018 and 2021 I created about 10 documentations for the Julia Stoschek Collection. I always enjoyed having unique access to the exhibitions and spent many hours alone with the art works. Since I mostly showcased video works in the films one interesting question accompanied me frequently – how to show and edit the video works within a video? You can watch the documentaries in the archive of the Julia Stoschek Collection. Among others I was lucky to document the exhibitions of Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz, A. K. Burns, Stan Douglas, Jeremy Shaw and the performances of Colin Self and Jason Moran at JSC Berlin.

Exhibition Documentaries, 2018 – 2021

Julia Stoschek Collection

Concept, Camera, Edit Nina Wesemann
Curator Lisa Long
Paola Malavassi


The director, Felicitas Sonvilla tries to save the damaged relationship with her younger brother Silvius. Together with their friend and camera person, Nina, they leave for a road trip through Europe, visiting the places of a fragmented childhood. During the shooting Silvius is in charge of composing the music for the film, but doesn’t interact with Felicitas the way she wants him to. Between car breakdowns, fights in parks and rare moments of intimacy, the film paints a portrait of two siblings, who don’t want to understand that they need each other.

Feature Documentary, 60 min

Horse & Fruits Film Productions

Director Felicitas Sonvilla
Camera Nina Wesemann
Production Florian Brüning, Thomas Herberth
Music Silvius Sonvilla
Editor Sebastian Schreiner


For MY LONESOME HOLOGRAM Daniel Hengst and  I worked with the novel of A. B. Casares “The Invention of Morel”. During the performative VR-Installation the visitor is guided through several steps that introduce the tale of Casares, dealing with the creation of a hologram, leading to a visit on an island where you meet your own hologram as well as others and their voices. The installation was performed twice, once at Dok Fest Leipzig in 2016 and once at HFF Munich.

Performative Virtual Reality Installation, 30 min

University of Television and Film Munich

Concept, Realisation Nina Wesemann
Daniel Hengst
Coding Frank Génot
Island Design Lars Ullrich


During my studies 10 students were sent to Tunisia to explore journalistic fimmaking. I wanted to portray a family and reflect within that relationship the current political state as well as the traces of the revolution that had started in Tunisia only one year before in 2010/2011. I made a film that I still value a lot because for me it is an example of the serendipitous moments of documentary filmmaking in connection with an open gaze.

Short Documentary, 22 min

HFF München

Camera, Director, Edit Nina Wesemann
Line Producer Tobias M. Huber
Sound Edit Andreas Goldbrunner
Supervisor Katrin John